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  • Rifles Only Carbine/Multi-use Sling

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    The Rifles Only Carbine/multi-use sling is the ultimate multi-use sling. This sling can be used in the field, competitions, and works great with hunting rifles. With no extra parts hanging off the sling you do not need to worry about parts hanging up in your gear. The Polymer Cobra buckle is easy to use with minimal noise. The bungee end is beneficial in so many ways. Not only does it help snug the rifle into your shoulder when shooting in the slung position but it also helps distribute the weight of the rifle throughout the sling so it's not heavy on your shoulder. No more digging into you shoulder when carrying it for extended periods of time. When tightening the sling up to your body, the bungee still allows you to engage with the rifle for quick shooting.

    *No attachments included*